Tea Party Sandwiches

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Tea Party Sandwiches – everybody loves them but in today’s busy world, less and more people are taking the opportunity to create these special little treats.
There are a few tricks to making the traditional tea party sandwich, particularly the rolled sandwiches. One of these tricks is to discover a baker that will offer you the jumbo loaves of bread and slice them for you longways!
If you’re able to get a baker to do so, your job just got a whole lot simpler. You can do both brown and white bread sandwiches with an range of fillings to produce a dazzling display in your sandwich plate.
As soon as you have located your prized baker, the rest is quite straightforward! You need to trim the crust off the bread pieces. This is essential. In the long run begin your own rolling.
As soon as you’re done, assuming you’re doing this well ahead of time of your tea party, you want to keep them while keeping them clean and cut them just before you serve.
So, wrap them up in saran wrap and place them in the fridge… just before you’re ready to serve themtake the rolls out of the refrigerator and slice them into 1-1.5″ pieces and place in your tray.
It really does not take long, and everyone will enjoy the gorgeous sandwiches which you present on your own tea party menu in your next gathering.

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