Chocolate Smoothie, Milkshake

Who does not love milkshakes? Milkshakes are the universal during hot summer days and also make excellent snacks for people who prefer drinking instead that eating snacks.

The recipes are different, but let us start with the fundamentals. Buy yourself a good blender, it should not be that expensive and you can get it from some other superstore. A simple milkshake is dependent upon your tastes, do you like apples? Whatever you taste is, you can just throw in the components with two cups of skimmed milk – tastes better – and you will have a milkshake very quickly. Another means to do it, if it is really hot, is to acquire low carb ice-cream and add it into the mixture.

For those stimulation, you could always add protein powder and a few egg whites for maximum success. However; for this milkshake, ensure that you keep it in the refrigerator and do not drink it after two days – you do not need to risk the eggs going bad.

You could always try different variants with ice cubes rather than ice-cream; it gives it a crunchier feeling. A classic trick some chefs employed was to bring a small amount of ginger, since ginger leaves almost anything taste great. Some folks prefer vegetable powders to milkshakes; you could always set your veggies in the blender based on your preference. Such shakes are fantastic for those who have ulcers and gastric ailments.

Other developments such adding a teaspoon of coffee or another stimulant should be carried out with caution, and always remember to keep your shakes and milkshakes inside the bounds of you diet for ultimate success.

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