Oysters can be described as bivalve mollusks found in several oceans around the world. They’ve been seen by lots of folks as economically valuable animals because they serve as good sources of food and pearls – identifying lustrous objects used in jewellery and decorations across many cultures. Additionally, oysters have been found to be effective […]


This dish, which is extremely simple in nature, is made with but a couple of ingredients which may be considered staples in the Italian kitchen. With a short preparation process, this dish is something that can be appreciated with a bigger portion of a meal or entirely on its own. There are many restaurants that […]


Who does not love milkshakes? Milkshakes are the universal during hot summer days and also make excellent snacks for people who prefer drinking instead that eating snacks. The recipes are different, but let us start with the fundamentals. Buy yourself a good blender, it should not be that expensive and you can get it from […]

Apple Sauce

So, today, I thought I would do a follow up to my applesauce article. I figured that since I got the ball rolling with a”tasting” of what it was like to work for myself and, more especially from the food business, that now I’d elaborate a little on a few of the different elements of […]

Maple Syrup

When you’ve got a sweet tooth yet want to look after your health, body, and head remember to use maple syrup instead of a substitute sweetener. It comprises much fewer calories and contains a greater concentration of important minerals for health than its normal counterpart, honey. Maple syrup has many terrific benefits but mainly because […]


People are only going nuts nowadays! In other words, there are a lot of men and women who have realized the value of eating nuts. Nuts make a terrific snack when you are on the go also. At times, you will see them in the movie theaters. The majority of the time, people will put […]


So, you ask, what’s the’Cranberry’, and is it actually a’Superfood’? The Cranberry shrub is a rather benign little evergreen often grown in acidic lowlands in the colder regions of North America. The berry of this cranberry shrub begins as a pure light white, however as it grows and becomes mature it changes to a rich […]


The English word tomato comes from the Spanish tomati. The tomato is a member of the nightshade family and was regarded as poisonous. Actually the leaves are! At one point it was considered a fruit to avoid taxation, but in the late 1800’s that the Supreme Court ruled it was a vegetable and may be […]


Mustard is a highly versatile plant, which lends its fiery flavour to a lot of dishes and condiments through the use of it as both a herb and a spice. Botanically speaking, mustard is a member of the brassica family together with vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli, and as such it comprises a high […]

Snow Cones

So many taste selections to make, a lot of diverse combinations of syrups from which to select. Where do you begin? How daring do you need to be? Among the many versions, the”stuffed” snow cone has a coating of soft-serve vanilla ice cream in the center. Some snow cones require a spoon for them to […]

Potato Chips

From the mid 1960s, there was a tv commercial extolling the golden, crunchy goodness of potato chips. Its catch phrase was”I bet you can’t eat just one!” Truer words were never spoken. A tiny nibble off the edge of a potato chip, no matter what your good intentions, led in the nibble to a normal […]


Jawbreakers. The candy industry’s heritage to the dental profession. There probably is not another candy anywhere that has the hardness of a jawbreaker or maybe as large of a sugar content. Enough said. On to discover the unmitigated joy (and sense of frustration) that comes with the jawbreaker experience. Sugar was not available in Egypt; […]


Caviar has been around as one of the premier delicacies offered as hors d’oeuvres or distribute on an appetizer for the delight of Emperors, Czars and now party goers all over the world. From its roots in the Persian culinary arts, the Roe of most often a Sturgeon has a long and noble history. The […]